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On-site consulting

Experienced and skilled resources to be available at their location on a short term basis


Dedicated onsite resources needed by the client will be identified and assigned for the use of the client as per agreed terms. The resources will be placed at the location specified by you.

This is suitable for software consulting and development companies or IT departments of large business houses who like to have experienced and skilled resources to be available at their location on a short term basis.
The client approaches APSoft with specific requirements for resources. APSoft identifies and screens resources and provides the details to the client for further screening. The client evaluates the resources and engages the selected resources. The pricing model is dictated by the time period of the engagement along with the country of operation. APSoft consulting will handle the legal aspects of this engagement model with needed assistance from the client. APSoft will take responsibility of supplementing resources in case of exigencies and emergencies of the recruited resources.
This model is perfectly applicable for organizations that need skilled and qualified resources to meet specific needs and objectives. This model can be used if there is a strong need for expediting a project or needs specialized skill sets to complement an in-house team. This model also supports the differential cost structure of employing resources from our headquarter to and yours. This foolproof model helps you leverage the strengths of APSoft consulting and cuts down the time to market drastically.

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